Month: July 2017

Uses of Kingspor Abrasives and Carbide Burrs: Abrasives / Surface Finishing Products at K&K Steel Pty. Ltd.

Blog | July 31st, 2017

Klingspor abrasives and carbide burrs cut and grind refined curvilinear accents into steel workpieces. If you’ll recall, the steel parts we’re referring to here are forged from the most durable ferrous alloys, so the cutting and scouring tools in this catalogue require a material backbone that’s at least as strong as that toughened material. That’s […]

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Why Should You Purchase Australian Made Steel over Imported Ones from China?

Blog | July 14th, 2017

Is steel the same wherever it’s produced? That’s a question that has to be examined from many angles. Chinese steel, for instance, is inexpensive because the Asian nation manufactures more of this ferrous-based alloy than the rest of the industrialised globe combined. But there are qualitative concerns to consider here, not just the quantity-based metrics […]

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