Christmas Holiday Hardware Shopping: Buy What You Need for DIY Project

Blog | December 13th, 2018

When planning your next do-it-yourself or DIY project for this time of the year, you will need to stock up on a variety of hardware to accomplish the job in the right manner. While you may need some simple hand tools, you might also require some heavy-duty hardware, such as welding equipment, to perform the different tasks in your project. Luckily, it is easy to do your Christmas holiday hardware shopping with our company, K&K Steel, to purchase all that you require for your next DIY project. We provide you with some examples of our offerings in the following.

Welding Equipment

We carry an extensive assortment of welding equipment. All of our items in this category are from quality brands, such as Kobelco, Coregas, Sievert and others.

Lubricants and Sprays

Whether you need lubricants to make equipment run smoothly or soluble cutting oils, we have what you need. Examples of the brands we carry in these items are Anchor, CRC, Bostik and Lanotec.

Tapping and Drilling Equipment

Our company offers a variety of broach cutters, hole saws, drills and more to drill holes in wood, steel, concrete or glass. In addition, we have thread repair kits, dies and taps to help fulfil your tapping and/or drilling needs.

Safety Equipment

Certain DIY projects require you to protect yourself with the right safety equipment. From us, you can purchase safety ear plugs, glasses, gloves, helmets and respirators just for some examples of this equipment.

Hand Tools

K&K Steel also provides a wide assortment of hand tools to use to perform DIY projects. These manual tools range from sockets to pipe wrenches with numerous choices in between.

Power Tools

When you need the extra force of power tools for your project, you can turn to us for corded and battery power tools. In addition, we carry Holdmaker Magnetic broach cutters, multitool linishers and bench grinders by Abbott & Ashby.


Most DIY projects also require some type of fasteners. Since we understand this, we stock bolts, Tek screws, masonry fasteners, nuts, rivets, Nutserts, and rivets. Typically, we can supply you with a choice of materials in these items, such as high-tensile, galvanised, mild, and stainless steel. Just buy the type of steel fastener that best suits your project.

For further details about the many products that you can purchase during your Christmas holiday hardware shopping for your next DIY project, browse through our website or contact us directly. Remember that our hardware offerings also make ideal Christmas presents for the DIYers on your list.

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