K&K Steel: The Agent for Coregas – An Australian Industrial Gas Company

Blog | March 22nd, 2017

Our company provides high quality steel, aluminium and stainless steel cut to order along with light fabrication and onsite welding services. On top of these services, K&K Steel offers the ability for you to purchase your various gas needs from us since we are an agent for Coregas, an Australian industrial gas company. We will order whatever industrial, specialty or medical gases that you need from this company along with lending assistance with gas applications.

About Coregas

Coregas is the largest industrial, specialty and medical gas company in this country and is locally owned. It strives to provide quality gas and services through various agents, such as our company. It has built a reliable reputation since its opening back in 1976 and has joined forces with Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety to become even stronger in its commitment to serving clients in a satisfactory manner.

Description of the Products and Services from Coregas

1. Industrial gases – Gases of this category include five specialist brands, namely Coregas, Laspur, Shieldpro, Corebrew and Lascut. These gases address the following five primary applications:

  • Laser gases
  • Shielding gases
  • Hospitality gases
  • Oxyfuel solutions
  • Thermal spraying

2. Specialty gases – Products in this category include:

  • Calibration mixtures including pre-analysis, cylinder selection, cylinder preparation and production analysis
  • Rare gases – Xenon is an example of these gases and it requires about ten-million cubic metres of air to produce one-cubic metre of this gas
  • Pure gases – We offer a wide assortment of these gases ranging from Acetylene to Xenon
  • Regulators and gas control equipment

3. Medical gases – Coregas supplies the following medical grade gases to the healthcare industry:

  • Air
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Equanox
  • Carbanox
  • Other related products for this category

4. Process gas applications – Coregas will work with you to ensure that you receive your gas without interruptions according to your respective applications. Its skilled technical services team brings to you more than 30 years of experience and guarantees that all on-site equipment is commissioned, constructed and installed according to the highest of standards.

Come to K&K Steel for further information about Coregas and the products that we will provide for you as an agent of this company. While you are at it, discover our other products and services that you may or may not require for your specific situation. We guarantee quality services and products 100 percent of the time.

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