Significance of Precise Aluminium and Stainless Steel Cutting

Blog | December 12th, 2016

The significance of precise aluminium and stainless steel cutting in construction projects is of great importance. In fact, its significance cannot be stressed enough. Some of the side effects with poor cutting work include damaged frames, excessive grinding, ill-fitting fixtures and laborious rework that can cost you a lot of time and money.

Though you may not recognize how many households rely of accurate cutting with aluminium and stainless steel. Actually most buildings and offices use aluminium and stainless steel for construction. Some of the uses include pipecutting, structural frames, loose parts, hand railings and other important structures.

Various Cutting Machines

When it comes to construction, material types and volume will greatly differ from one project to another. For instance, one cutting machine may be used to cut box sections, pipes or flat bars. For instance, the HGG multi-purpose machine has the cutting proficiency of three machines in one. It becomes apparent that the one machine needs to be extremely accurate and easily adjustable in order to avoid lack of precision. As well, there needs to be electronic surplus protection to protect the motor from overload.

There are also cutting machines that are used for only one purpose, like pipe milling machines or robust construction cutters.

Various Methods

There are also various methods for cutting aluminium and stainless steel. For instance, cutting is done by shearing, sawing and manually such as chiseling. Professionals can also use hand hel torches such as a plasma torch or fuel torch. As well, there are CNC cutters that use laser, water jets or mill bits.

Main Construction Pieces

When building a home or building, there are certain construction projects that need to be done with precision. These projects often involve the cutting of aluminium and stainless steel which needs to be done accurately.

For instance, structural steel is utilized as a construction material for a variety of steel forms like beams, channels, plates, angles and hollow structural section (HSS). Moreover, and each special piece is piece of the project. And like a jigsaw puzzle, the picture is not complete without all the pieces and the pieces fitting perfectly together.

Current Challenges

Today’s challenges in aluminium and stainless steel cutting are commonly associated with ways to achieve high quality results in a lot less time frames. As well, finding highly skilled workers such as an expertise welder has become a problem. However, innovative technology such as automation is solving some of the current dilemma.


The latest modernization in the cutting industry is automation. It appears that the new technology has helped solved some of the pressing issues by offering extremely accurate cuts and greatly lowering the weld volume.

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