Welding Equipment

At K & K Steel, we have a huge range of welding equipment. We cover all your equipment and consumable needs for Mig, Tig, Arc and Oxy welding. Be it a filler rod and flux thru to an Auto helmet or gas we have it in stock from leading suppliers such as:

Sprays and Lubricants

K & K Steel has a range of Lubricants and Sprays to cover the majority of your engineering projects. From soluble cutting oils to degreasers, Anti galling paste to Lanolin grease and a large range of spray paint from Cold Gal, Etch primers to Colorbond top coats we have the product to do the job, from quality suppliers such as:


Drilling and Tapping

At K & K Steel, we have a range of drilling and tapping equipment that will help you finish your project. Be it a hole in Steel, Wood, Glass or concrete we have a range of Drills, Hole saws, Broach Cutters, Chassis punches to do the job. We also have a Comprehensive range of Taps, Dies and Thread repair kits to suit most popular threads. All from quality suppliers such as:


Safety Equipment

K & K Steel values you as a customer so we keep a range of safety equipment to ensure that you are properly equipped for the job. Safety helmets, Glasses, Ear plugs, Gloves, Respirators are just some for our range of quality safety equipment, from suppliers such as:


Rigging and Lifting

K & K Steel has a range of rated lifting and load binding equipment to help you with most projects. From Hand winches to Chain blocks we can help you lift it safely. We carry a large range of Lifting hooks, Chains, Lifting Straps, Load binding chains and straps, Chain Dogs from quality suppliers such as:


Abrasives / Surface Finishing

K & K Steel is a distributor of the Klingspor range of abrasives and as such have a huge range or their quality products covering cutting, grinding and sanding. Our range of Carbide Burrs will also help you shape clean and prepare most surfaces. We also have a large range of wire wheels and brushes as well as polishing mops and cutting compounds all from quality suppliers like:



K & K Steel is a major distributor of the Richmond Wheel and Castor range of products including their material handling and gate products.

Power Tools

K & K Steel is a distributor of the Metabo range of power tools and keep a large range of their battery and corded power tools in stock. We also keep Holemaker Magnetic broach cutters, Abbott & Ashby bench grinders and Multitool linishers in stock.


K & K Steel has a range of lubrication equipment from industry leaders such as Macnaught and Toledo. Anything from a grease nipple to the latest in battery powered grease guns. If it’s lubrication you want, we can help.

Measuring Equipment

K & K Steel has a vast range of measuring equipment to cover most needs, from the humble tape measure or steel rule thru to digital levels and Vernier’s we can help. We also have a large range of squares and marking tools all from leading suppliers such as:


Air Tools and Equipment

At K & K Steel we take air seriously. Our range of air tools and equipment is breath taking. With a full range of fittings, including a range push in style fittings to your standard air couplers we will get you connected. If you need a regulator or a compressor we can help get you going. We also have a range of quality air tools for most jobs, all from industry suppliers such as:


Hand Tools

At K & K Steel our range of hand tools, will cover just about any job you can toss at us. From the humble spanner to the mightiest puller we can have the tool to do the job. Our range covers all types of sockets, Impact, Inhex, Torx, Spline, Pliers, Punches, Podgers and Pipe wrenches. If you need a tool chances are K & K Steel will have one for your job, all from industry leaders like


Specialty Fittings

K & K Steel have a large range of specialty fittings in both Stainless steel and Gal. Our range covers items such as Balustrading, D Shackles, Eye Screws, Pulleys, Turnbuckles, Rope Thimbles and much more.


At K & K Steel we have fasteners bolted down. With a range so vast that we can make the best bolt shops look like they have a screw loose. Our range of fasteners covers everything from Nuts and Bolts, Tek screws, Masonry fasteners, U bolts, Rivets and Nutserts. We can usually supply you all of these in your choice of Stainless steel, High Tensile, Galvanised or Mild steel

Steel Store

K & K Steel has an extensive range of Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper and Stainless steel, in flat sheet, angle, tube and round bar. All available either cut to size or full length. We also have retaining wall posts in H, C and corners as well as a range of UB’s UC’s and PFC’s. We can also supply you with Purlins, Top Hat and roofing.

Work Shop

At K & K Steel our work shop is equipped for most light manufacturing and repair jobs, from flashings to gates, posts to support beams, splash backs to boxes. We can also help you with most welding repairs. We can also drill and punch holes.

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