In the metalworking world, abrasives are instrumental to just about everything. In order to grind or sand your targeted medium, you have to have high-quality abrasives on hand. Based on the material that you are working with, the type of abrasive that you need will change. What doesn’t change, however, is the importance of purchasing your abrasives through a certified distributor. Here at K & K Steel, we value knowledge for our customers right alongside great deals on certified abrasive products. Found below, you can learn about selecting the right abrasive media for your next sanding and grinding project.

Only Buy Abrasive Products from Certified Distributors

We already know that we are going to be working with abrasives when dealing with metal. In order to fabricate the perfect final product, you are going to want to purchase high-quality abrasives from a distributor that you can count on. Once you’ve found your supply of abrasives, you need to make sure that you walk away with the right material. In order to walk away with the right abrasive material, you are going to have to be prepared.

1) Softer is Better – If you aren’t sure if your surface can handle a more abrasive material, opt for something that is softer or more gentle. As an example, if we were working with wood, we’d start with a medium like corn cob. In the ideal world, you’ll know what all materials involved can tolerate so as to select the proper abrasive.

2) Get Stronger Media – While softer is better, for our purposes we advocate the use of higher-quality, harder, and more aggressively formulated steel media. You can find media that is made from carbon steel in both grit and shot form. When you use steel shot as your abrasive, you can polish your target material. When you employ steel grit as your abrasive, you can remove paint and rust from your targeted steel surface. There is always going to be a use in our shop for a medium like that.

3) Talk to a Representative – If you don’t know what abrasive medium you need, you don’t want to guess. Rather than searching the internet for an answer from some stranger, call our technicians here at K & K Steel. As a certified distributor of abrasive products for sanding and grinding, our technicians are trained to handle any of your questions.

When you have to tackle a sanding or grinding project, you need the right abrasive medium on hand. Here at K & K Steel, we are the certified abrasive distributor that you can trust and count on!