K&K Steel provide a huge range of products and services including –

  • Nuts, Bolts and fasteners.
  • Drills, hole saws taps and dies.
  • Hardware fixings.
  • Chains and lifting gear.
  • Power / Cordless Tools for the building site, workshop and for yard maintenance.
  • Huge range of grinding discs and other abrasvies.
  • Buffing and polishing essentials.
  • Ball bearings, seals and Vee belts.
  • Aluminium sections and mouldings and sheet.
  • Stainless steel sections and sheet.
  • Mild steel sections and sheet.
  • Concrete Reo Bar.
  • Corten Garden Edging.
  • Pipe and tube products.
  • RHS / SHS both primed and galvanised.
  • Puregas gas changeouts.
  • Sheet and section cutting services.
  • Light fabrication, stainless steel, aluminium and steel.