Consider the investment you’re making when you purchase a set of top-tier power tools. You’re an excellent craftsman, right? Your employees have trained for years to sharpen their work skills, so the tools you all use should reflect the efforts you’ve made to reach this level of vocational proficiency. In short, the gear needs to expedite, not hinder the work. Let’s look at some branded gear that supports this maxim.

Power Tools for Sale 

Here at K&K Steel, we’re promoters of all things quality-related. The Metabo range of powered tools exemplifies that approach. Solutions with power cords exist, obviously, but this tool family really takes flight when it becomes cordless. Built out of robust materials, a long service life reinforces the iconic brand name. Feature-wise, there are electronically controlled angle grinders, hammer drill, and many other tooling solutions to choose from in the Metabo collection.

Broach Cutting Vendors 

The Holemaker magnetic broach cutter makes short work of material removal when a straightforward circular breach isn’t good enough. The magnetic base cutting assembly caters for geometrically accurate hole profiles by employing a toothed cutting bit. Suspended below a compact motor housing, the tool rises and drops on a dual rail slide mechanism, as controlled by the wide-diameter feed wheel. Indeed, cut accuracy is a tough process to manage in a broaching job, which is why a cooling system has been added to the machine. Again, all possible work obstacles have been fully considered in this powered tool category, so professional results are assured.
A Mention for the Worthy Powered Contenders


No workshop is complete without a grinder, which is a fact that the Abbott & Ashby Bench Grinders range duly recognises. A 600Watt Motor (3/4HP) model, for example, is capable sharpening any dull-edged tool, plus there are wheel guards, tool rests, and eye shields that define this 5-star appliance as a refined power tool. Finally, when a multitool linisher is the order of the day, opt for a top-of-its-class model, another member of the Abbott & Ashby inventory that transforms the standard bench grinding form into a multipurpose abrasive implement that belt sands, finishes, and polishes your rough surfaces until they positively glow.

The K&K Steel sales philosophy is as driven by quality as any of the tools we have on sale. To that end, our customers will always receive the very best parts as manufactured by companies who deal in product excellence. Affordable but surely designed to deliver performance-based results, the battery and corded power gear are built tough, loaded with features, and certain to elevate any workshop’s output, in terms of both quality and quantity.