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There’s an art to buying the right equipment and tools, a degree of skill and knowledge that the K & K Steel team has cultivated over the course of several decades. Behind the curtains, we run our own light fabrication operations, with services that include guillotining and band saw cutting. Let us equip you with equally capable gear, all of the tools that will add a professional edge to your DIY home projects.

State of the Art Tools and Equipment 

All this talk about “Behind the curtain” work has us reminiscing over classic movies. However, the Wizards we’re talking about are located in Australia, not the Hollywood Oz of fantasy. And that concealed area hosts an array of fabrication equipment, not a fantastical magician. Then, out front, the outlet centre is full of the very best, top-tier tools and equipment, as ranked by the engineers who toil in the steel deforming workshop. Primarily, you’re looking at state-of-the-art welding equipment, so cruise through the TIG, MIG, and Oxy gear before arriving at the supplementary weld tools. These project aids are formed from shelves loaded with filler rods, cutting oils, galling paste, and every other conceivable join promotion assister.

Power Tools and Surface Finishing Tools 

Let’s gain a little perspective before going any further. Any old hardware store will stock a wide range of tools. K & K Steel takes this principle and runs with it, with the support of a working machine shop ruling over everything. In other words, the outlet operators are engaged in their own bending, cutting, and general fabrication projects so they know their business inside and out. Power tools are a core segment of that engineering enterprise. In the fabrication area, those power tools are mounted on benches, but they’re also operated by hand, as cordless power tools that facilitate hard to reach drilling and finishing operations. Ask your K & K Steel shop associate for information on the Metabo range or any other branded cordless tool range, then know you’re purchasing a tool that’s probably in use over in the fabrication area.

The distribution centre in the K & K Steel shop represents a slice of the bigger tools working in the fabrication room. Power tools and welding equipment, abrasive finishing gear and fasteners, every conceivable DIY home project resource fronts a fully-equipped steel and aluminium fabrication facility. Over at the other end of the equipment shop, there’s air tools and safety equipment, plus a steel store loaded with pallets full of alloy tubes and sheets.