When in search of industrial hardware needs for a specific project, it is important to locate a supplier that offers a wide selection of hardware, equipment and related services. By doing this, you save valuable time since you will not need to drive to a number of different places. Another benefit to seek out is that the supplier will fill all sizes of orders ranging from small to large. You may require only one piece of hardware and certain shops might set minimum order requirements. We are here to explain why K & K Steel is the place to supply you with all your necessary industrial hardware, as you will learn when you read the following details.

A Brief History of K & K Steel

Back in 1981, K & K Steel first opened its doors in Hastings as an outlet of steel and industrial hardware. Over the years, we have expanded to also include fabrication services for stainless steel, aluminium and steel. All of our steel is Australian made. We set no minimum amounts for our orders to allow us to service all types of clients who may require our products.

Products That We Carry

We carry the following industrial hardware:

  • A wide assortment of fasteners, nuts and related items
  • Welding equipment and accessories, such as mig wire, filler rod, flux, auto helmets and gas from leading suppliers in the field
  • Metabo power tools, Holemaker Magnetic broach cutters, Multitool linishers and bench grinders from Abbott & Ashby
  • Lubricants and sprays ranging from degreasers to soluble cutting oils
  • Drilling and tapping equipment that will handle a variety of materials from steel to concrete depending upon the piece of equipment
  • Safety glasses, helmets, respirators, gloves and ear plugs are just part of our offerings in safety equipment
  • Rigging and lifting equipment
  • Abrasives for surface finishing
  • Castors for gate and material-handling products
  • Measuring hardware, such as digital levels, steel rulers and tape measures
  • Air equipment and tools
  • Assorted hand tools that range from pliers to pipe wrenches
  • Steel, copper, stainless steel and brass available in angle, round bar, tube and flat sheet styles and cut to size

As you can easily see by the information above, K & K Steel is your one-stop shop for your industrial hardware needs. Contact us with any questions you may have, to learn additional facts about our offerings and company, or to place your order. We deliver quality products in a timely manner with each order that we fulfil for you.