At K & K Steel we understand that some jobs require a little bit more help than you can handle yourself. Our company was founded in 1981 and we have 36 years of experience behind us. At K & K Steel our specialty is supplying you with exactly what you need when you need it. Today, let’s talk a little bit about your fabrication, welding, and repair job requirements. By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly who you can go to for all of your fabrication and welding needs.

Light Metal Fabrication Process

Just about every industry, at some point, will need to engage in the services of light fabrication. Light fabrication is the process of working with sheet metal to weld or otherwise fabricate for your needs. For the light fabrication process, we use our 36 years of experience to expertly craft the exact product that you need by way of power tools and our very own hands.

Light metal fabrication is used in essentially every industry that you can think of. From food and beverage appliances all the way to aerospace engineering, our work makes a direct impact for companies who are in need. Our all-in-one workshop can help lead the charge for your fabricating needs. From welding to soldering, and everything in between, our business is by your side to ensure that your product comes out how you imagined it.

Benefits of Professional Fabrication and Welding Services

At K & K Services, we aren’t just another company in the local phonebook. While there are many processes that you can undertake from the comfort of your own home, fabrication and welding repair jobs should be handled by professionals. Here are a few of the benefits of pursuing a relationship with K & K Steel.

1. Family Owned & Operated – We aren’t just another faceless company with corporate owners a hundred miles away. K & K Steel was founded in 1981 and the company continues to stay in the family to this day.

2. Professional Tools – There is value in taking on many DIY projects, however, there is also a risk. One of the most prominent risks is coming to a point in your project where you no longer have the right tools for the job or the expertise to handle them. At K & K Steele, all of our workers are highly trained and fully equipped for the job.

3. Affordability
– Measure twice and cut once — or just let the professionals handle it. At K & K Steel we take the guesswork out of getting your project done. Let us do it right for you the first time.