If you like to work on DIY home projects, or you are a hobbyist by heart and enjoy creating or fixing things from scratch, then there are a few important power tools you must have in your tool box. Power tools help top get the job done faster and more efficiently than hand tools, and some DIY home projects can’t be accomplished without them.

While there are many power tools available, for all types of work, below is a list of the most important power tools for hobbyists and DIY home projects:

The cordless drill – aside from the most basic tools, such as a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, a utility knife, a tape measure, and a level, the most import tools you should have in your tool box should be a cordless drill. With a cordless power drill, you will be able to take on most any project around your house, big or small.

Without it, you will spend “a lot” of time and frustration trying to sink a screw into sheet rock or wood. While there are different types of cordless power drills, anything smaller than a 14 volt set will not have the torque you need to get any “real” work done.

5-Inch Rotary Sander – another important power tool you should have in your tool box is a 5-inch rotary sander because it will definitely come in handy in many various situations. There are larger rotary sanders available, but they are bulky and a bit heavy to use for most DIY home projects. The 5-inch rotary sander is really all any hobbyist or home project should ever need.

Oscillating Multi-Tool – an oscillating multi-tool is basically an oscillating saw that accepts various attachments that allow for grinding and sanding. It is a very versatile tool that you will no doubt reach for many times during your DIY home projects.

Reciprocating saw – for remodeling jobs, or projects that require you to cut through lumber or other hard materials, such as steel, aluminium, copper, or even cast iron, then a reciprocating saw is an absolute “must-have” power tool. It is the go-to power tool to cut through nearly anything that stands in your way, short of a boulder.

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