The invention of the wheel was pretty important, but that goes without saying. Across every industry on the planet, you are going to, at some point, require the assistance of quality wheels and castors. High-quality wheels and castors aren’t as easy to come by as you would expect. For that reason, here at K&K Steel, we make sure to carry the best products possible for our customers. Today, we are going to showcase the many benefits that come when you purchase our high-quality Richmond Wheel and Castor Products.

Quality Richmond Wheel and Castor Products

Buying wheels and castors are not as simple as picking something out of a catalog. While it may not seem like it, a lot of craftsmanship goes into these products. If you end up buying cheap castors and wheels, you’ll end up paying for it at a later time. Castors are used to hold wheels in place as they are affixed to a larger product, such as a forklift or a trolley. Wheels are, of course, the way that these larger products move. If you want the best wheels and castors available, you’ll want to shop Richmond Wheel and Castor. Why is it such a big deal that we carry their products? Keep on reading in order to find out!

1) Quality Components – Richmond Wheel and Castor has been in business for over 60 years. All of their products are created in their own personal factories where quality and craftsmanship can be focused on. If you want good products, you’ll pay attention to where they come from.

2) Shopping Local – Richmond Wheel and Castor products are all created to be sold throughout Australia and New Zealand. The entire business is Australian owned. When you shop from our team at K & K Steel, you are also supporting an Australian company. Shopping locally is great for us and great for you. With your help, we can continue to deliver quality products to customers throughout the area.

3) Deep Inventory –
We don’t just carry one or two Richmond Wheel and Castor products. We have access to everything you could need, from plastic centred wheels to cast iron castors and everything in between. You deserve to have as many options as possible, so we are happy to deliver them to you.

When you need new wheels or castor products, you know where to shop. Here at K & K Steel, we are committed to providing you with quality components at an affordable price. No order is too big or too small, so feel free to contact us today!