Rigging and lifting tools are often necessary to perform a wide variety of projects. Without the use of these tools, it may be dangerous to do certain tasks using just manual labour. Along with our other services and products here at K & K Steel, we carry numerous types of these tools by popular brands, such as Ancra International, Grange Lift and PWB Anchor.

Examples of the Types of Rigging and Lifting Tools That We Carry

  • Lifting hooks come in a variety of sizes are help grab and lift loads when used in conjunction with cranes or hoists. We offer ROV hooks that are ideal for this purpose for just one example.
  • Lifting straps can be paired with lifting hooks to lift and transport bulky loads. These straps hold the materials steady during transport.
  • Chains can be for both rigging and lifting depending upon your project. Short link lifting chains made from grade 80 alloy steel is one example of these chains.
  • Load binding straps and chains help to secure a load in order for you to transport it safely without it shifting. Cam buckle tie downs from Grange Lift are an example of the load binding straps that we offer to you here at K & K Steel.
  • Hand winches help you position and lift or move heavy pieces of equipment or supplies to the right location for use on your project. The manual operation of these winches allow you to control them with a higher degree of accuracy that automated ones allow you to control them.
  • Chain blocks are another product that we carry that falls into the category of rigging and lifting tools. They help lift up and lower down heavy objects with the help of a chain. As you pull the chain, it winds around the wheels, which are part of the blocks, and this is what lifts the objects into their position. You can combine these with a chain, strap or rope if necessary.
  • Chain dogs and other types of rigging tools also are available from our company.

For further details about our rigging and lifting tools along with our other products and services, contact us at your earliest convenience. We will explain all of our products in detail, provide you with a quote on your order and deliver your order in the timeliest manner possible. Our company specialises in steel cutting, light fabrication and welding services along with carrying a wide assortment of tools that range from the lifting and rigging ones to power tools with plenty of choices in between. All of our services and products are high quality.