If you are in the business of selling products then you know how important it is to bring the best quality product to your customer. If your product requires any sort of metal fabrication, particularly stainless steel cutting, then you know how difficult it can be to repeatedly produce a high-quality product. Steel, by its nature and as its main benefit, is notoriously tough and as a result cuts from lower quality fabricators can be inconsistent and inaccurate. Today we are going to talk about accurate stainless steel metal cuts and the importance of getting the right team on the job to take care of them.

Stainless Steel Metal Cuts

When you need to get stainless steel fabrication done there are going to be a variety of different paths that you can take. Professional metal fabrication companies have a variety of different cutting options for your steel cutting needs: profile cutting, guillotining, band saw cutting, punching, shearing, and generalised fabrication. Each different style of cut has a different benefit and process with the ultimate goal of giving you exactly what you need. Let’s look at how each style of cut makes for an accurate technique for your particular project.

1. Profile Cutting – This is almost defined by its own name. A profile cut is made with a sharp edge that creates a specific shape or form.

2. Guillotine Cut – Guillotine cutting is as simple as the name would imply. Guillotining is for when you need to quickly cut through a large order with sharp, quick and definitive cuts.

3. Bandsaw Cut
– A bandsaw, or band saw, is a large machine that uses a horizontal row of teeth to cut into steel. These are efficient machines that minimize downtime between applications.

4. Punching & Shearing
– This style of cut is also known as die cutting. Die cutting is used in a variety of different industries for a variety of different materials including paper, cloth and even steel.

Importance of an Accurate Stainless Steel Cut
If you are making a product that is worth being sold then you need to ensure that you have the right process and team on the job. Having an accurate stainless steel fabricating process can be the difference between a usable product and one that ends up sitting on the shelves or in your warehouse. In order to get an accurate cut make sure to consult with professionals in order to find the right process to suit your needs and keep your customers happy.