Metal fabrication is a broad term for a combination of processes to construct structures, items and machines from raw metallic material. The shearing process is part of this type of fabrication. In this, a cutting force is exerted in a perpendicular direction to cause the raw material to give way and break. Professionals turn to this to cut sheet metal to a specific size from a roll or other larger stock. In addition, it is the first step to prepare the material for creating blanks for the CNC presses or stamping machines.

The Operation of the Blades during the Shearing Process

While either the upper or lower blade stays in one place, the other blade moves past the stationary one with a pre-set space between the blades. As a result of this action, straight lines are cut on the metal stock.

Features of This Process

The shearing process offers the following features or benefits to the metal fabricators:

• Accurate material placement in between the lower and upper blades
• The process cuts perfectly straight lines on the metal stock
• Shearing can handle both small and long lengths of metal stock in a quality manner since the angle of a blades is adjustable
• Another benefit of shearing is the burred edges that it can create when necessary

Shearing Is Possible on a Wide Assortment of Metals

The following types of metals can undergo the shearing process for different types of projects:

• Stainless steel
• Bronze
• Cold and hot rolled steel
• Titanium
• Low carbon steel
• Brass
• Aluminium
• Zinc
• Other metals

A Shearing Process Utilises Three Main Kinds of Tool Systems

This process utilises three primary types of tools systems as in the following:

• One type is a bar shear for cutting metal bar stock
• An angle shear cuts pre-angled metal materials
• A bow-tie or squaring shear is for sheet metal

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