What is Steel Folding?

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It is a process that allows us to shape products that are made of metal. We use high tech equipment to continuously fold the metal for it to reach its final required shape. With steel bending, we use a heavy-duty machine to go through the processes of shaping your metals into the shapes and products that they finally become. It is a process that is mastered by our technicians and allows us to offer one of the finest steel bending services in Melbourne. There are three main types of bending steel:

  • Roller Bending

In this case, curved and bent is made by rolle bending which is a cold method. It involves the bending of an area by passing it through the bending rolls. Extreme amounts of force are applied and curvature is forced upon the material until the exact shape is achieved.

  • Induction Bending

A part of the material is passed through a coil which induces a current through the metal. This heats up the entire area of the band. Air or water is used to cool down the material to set it.

  • Induction + Roller Bending

To increase the bending capabilities of the material,  a set of bending rolls is places in the radius arm of the machine. The force is provided by rolls instead of the arm.

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