The world of metal fabrication is as fascinating as it is diverse. Just about everything you see during the day exists in some way thanks to a fabrication company much like ours. Today, we are going to dig a little deeper into the world of metal fabrication in order to educate our readers on the different processes, techniques, and applications that are involved. If you are ready to learn more about this fascinating industry then keep on reading.

The Many Different Fabrication Techniques

If you know nothing else, you are probably aware that metal fabrication is absolutely integral to a variety of different industries including agriculture, aerospace and even simple construction. That’s a great foundation to build off of and it leads directly into the thrust of our conversation: the different types of fabrication techniques that are commonly employed by fabrication companies like us, here at K&K Steel. Let’s break down the most common techniques in an easy to digest list:

1) Cutting – One of the simplest and most common techniques that we employ. Cutting most commonly requires some sort of saw, torch or laser.

2) Folding – Folding, or bending, is most commonly done via a brake press. Brake presses use special dies to pinch and form creases within the material that we are working with.

3) Machining – Machining is most commonly done with a lathe. This process involves removing a material from another piece of material.

4) Shearing
– Not dissimilar from cutting, shearing is the act of making one long cut into our metal material. Think of a giant paper cutter and you have this process pegged.

5) Punching
– Nope not with your fists. Punching requires a press that utilises a die in order to create a hole in your material.

6) Welding
– Welding is the simple act of joining two different pieces of metal together.

7) Stamping
– Finally, stamping is close to punching but does not require completely cutting through the material. In stamping, you are most commonly raising your material rather than puncturing it.

The K&K Steel Difference

K&K Steel first opened its doors in 1981 and it currently resides in Hastings. Our business was created with one goal: to cater to the needs of our customers in regards to all things metal fabrication. From stainless steel to aluminium, there is nothing that our talented team cannot handle. We have no minimums and we work with businesses both large and small. With a full complement of metal fabrication tools on hand, we can help make your next project a reality. If you are ready to take the leap, contact us today to get started.