As you probably already know, welding is the process are joining metallic materials using techniques and equipment that cause the various sections to fuse together with a secure seam. Whichever method you choose to perform this function, you will need the right equipment and materials to accomplish it in a quality fashion. In Melbourne, K&K Steel is your source for welding equipment and supplies. We carry various high-quality brands to ensure that you can perform your welding tasks correctly and skillfully.

The Brands of Welding Equipment and Supplies That We Offer Here at K&K Steel

• Coregas is a major manufacturer of compressed gases along with cryogenic liquids for multiple industries. For welding, this company has developed the Shieldpro, Coregas and Trade N Go Gas™ range of gases. Each one has its own unique characteristics and purposes.

• Dynaweld Bossweld on the other hand, offers torch equipment and parts along with water hoses, style wear parts, tungsten electrodes and other pertinent products.

• Kobelco Welding Group ships its fluxed-cored and wired-cored wire to numerous distributors in various parts of the World. We are proud to be one of them, so that we can sell you these high-quality supplies for your welding projects.

• PUREGAS supplies us with cylinders and industrial gases to pass on to you through our company. The gas cylinders are in compliance with all Australian standards and can hold oxygen, Argoweld and Argon gases.

• Sievert is a Swedish company that manufactures a wide assortment of products. From propane hoses and soldering irons to refillable gas canisters, you can rely on this brand that K&K Steel sells to deliver quality results.

• Tesuco or Technical Supplies Company is an Australian company that supplies us with a wide variety of products that includes gas safety equipment, industrial gas equipment, disposable gas cylinders and equipment, and more.

• WIA is another trusted brand that we carry, and this company supplies such items as filler metals, ARC and TIG welders, engine driven welders, TIG torches, welding helmets and respirators, and more.

For further details about our welding equipment supplies in Melbourne, contact us when it is convenient for your schedule. We have been in business at our current site in Hastings since 1981. Our company had humble beginnings as an outlet for steel and industrial hardware, but today, we also offer fabrication in stainless steel, aluminium and steel along with a wide assortment of products. Also, there is never a minimum quality, so that if you need one item, you will not need to purchase other items just to buy from us.