No matter what kind of project you are working on, being able to professionally rig and safely lift all of your tools are going to be a necessity. We understand how important it is for your work sites to be safe and secure, so today we are going to focus on the benefits of pursuing our professional line of Grange lifting equipment. Let’s explore the types of products that Grange Lift has to offer while touting the different benefits involved.

Grange Lifting Equipment: Good For Your Work

On a professional worksite, you are going to be handling pieces of equipment and tools of all shapes, sizes, and weights. When it gets time to get going on your work, you don’t want to put the safety of you or your co-workers into question. For that reason, you are going to want to have professional rigging and lifting tools available for use. The tools that we’re going to be discussing, made by Grange Lift, are going to provide you with the safe environment that your worksite deserves. Let’s explore the types of tools available and what they can do for you.

1) Lifting Hooks & Lifting Strips – Lifting hooks and straps can come in just about every size that you can think of. These hooks specialise in grabbing and hefting up your heavy loads while attached to some sort of crane or hoist. Your lifting straps need to be rated to handle the heavy weight that you are aiming to move. These straps can also be used to keep all of your materials steady during transport, irrespective of weight.

2) Binding Straps & Chains
– When you are moving a heavy load, you need to know that it won’t shuffle around during transportation. Professional quality binding straps and chains, such as the cam buckle tie downs developed by Grange Lift, will help you to secure your load during transportation.

3) Chain Blocks
– Chain blocks are used for rigging your tools or lifting your tools. You’ll be able to move your tools up and down irrespective of their weight so long as your chain is rated to handle the load. When you pull on your chain, after it has been affixed to your load, it will wind around the special wheel on your block, thus allowing you to position your equipment.

Outfit Your Work Site with K&K Steel Hardware

Since 1981, we have been offering our customers the kind of premium products and professional lifting equipment that they need in order to accomplish our goals. Here at K&K Steel, we carry a wide range of professional quality brands including Ancra International, PWB Anchor, and Grange Lift. Call us today to discuss all of your lifting equipment and metal fabrication needs.