When it comes to fabricating products via steel, there are many different routes that you can take in order to get where you need to go. In our industry, it is important that we prioritise work methods that embrace longevity and durability for all of the projects that we are working on. At some point in time, we’ll work on a steel project that requires either the welding of two pieces of metal together or for a single piece of steel to be folded. Are there any differences between the two methods? As it turns out, folding steel is much more effective than welding it. Let’s dig into our discussion so that you can learn a little more about steel folding.

Importance of Steel Folding

If you walk into our warehouse you will see a press brake. A press brake is a giant machine that is absolutely vital to our goal of folding steel. Press brakes are the most common machines used to fold or bend steel thanks to their versatility and raw power. While the press brake is vital for bending steel, it is far from the only point we want to touch on in our conversation. First, we need to talk about WHY you would even consider folding your steel.

1) What is steel folding?

The truth is, projects come to us in a number of different shapes and sizes. At some point, you will run into a situation where you have to decide whether it is better to weld two pieces of steel together or to bend one single piece of steel. Obviously, we believe in the value of steel folding, but why? When you bend your sheet metal or steel you can form the material into your desired shape without the need for conjoining separate pieces of metal.

2) Why is steel folding important?

In our highlighted example above, we have to decide whether it is better to weld two pieces of steel together or to bend one single, larger piece of steel. From a durability standpoint, we believe in the power of folding the steel. We can fold and bend the steel into the proper shape without worrying about weak points created by the points of contact where the other metal was welded on.

Enjoy the K&K Steel Difference

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