It would be an understatement to say that welding is a complicated, difficult, and at times frustrating process. With that being said, welding is a job that helps many industries to even exist. In order to succeed with your metalworking project, you are going to need welding equipment and a professional that knows how to use it. How do you know what welding equipment you need? How do you even approach this entire subject matter?

Selecting the Right Welding Equipment

If you are a veteran welder, you likely know exactly what you are looking for when you start discussing a job. If you are purchasing equipment for a welding job that you’ve never had before, you might have a little trouble. In order to purchase the right welding equipment, you need to know the different items and options that are available to you. Let’s go ahead and outline the three primary types of welder so that you can learn about the kind of equipment that they’ll be using.

1) MIG Welding Equipment – MIG welders are the most common and affordable types of welders around. The reason? Their equipment is the easiest to use and more people are able to follow the profession. MIG welding follows a process that relies on an inert gas to shield the entire weld, thus preventing impurities from seeping into the work. MIG welding works great on aluminium and other types of metal. MIG welding will require users to purchase shielding gas as well as additional materials that could ramp up costs.

2) TIG Welding Equipment – TIG welding is one of the most effective types of welding possible. TIG welding is known for yielding clean, high-quality welds that don’t distort the material being worked on. TIG welding is specialised, however, which means that hiring a TIG welder will become an expensive affair. TIG welding relies on argon gas and thus can be used on a variety of different metals of varying thickness.

3) Stick Welding Equipment – Finally, we have stick welding. Stick welding is ideal for fusing joints. While stick welding is effective, it isn’t the most efficient option available. Stick welding doesn’t require any shielding gas but instead leans on a coated electrode. Stick welding is great for workers that are going to be switching between different metals.

Getting the right welding equipment requires you to know what kind of welder you are looking to hire. If you need to learn more about buying the right welding equipment, contact our team here at K & K Steel. We have been in business since 1981, and we are committed to providing you with the service you deserve and the tools that you need.