When you need to call on a professional fabrication company, you should know what you are getting into. One of the most popular metals to work with in the field of light fabrication is that of aluminium. Aluminium comes highly regarded for several reasons, but why does it make so much sense for light fabrication. Aluminium may have a reputation in the outside world for being a thinner and cheaper metal but as you’ll soon find out, there are very tangible benefits for using this type of material.

Aluminium is Ideal for Light Fabrication 

For a wide variety of fabrication projects, customers will be introduced to aluminium for their solution. While many clients may instantly want to reach for stainless steel or some other high-end metal, they’d likely be making a mistake. Here at K & K Steel, we understand exactly why we choose aluminium for light fabrication and now we are going to explain it to you.

1) Flexible Usage – Right out of the gate, we need to tout the fact that aluminium is an incredibly versatile metal. More flexible than stainless steel, aluminium is a lightweight metal that is easy to use and easier to manipulate toward your specific needs. Aluminium is lightweight and weighs in at roughly a third of conventional stainless steel. It’s pretty easy to see why these factors make aluminium perfect for light fabrication.

2) Long-lasting Durability
– While aluminium is lighter and thinner than steel, it possesses many of the same beneficial qualities. Aluminium can withstand the elements thanks to its corrosion resistance. Aluminium can also take quite the beating without needing to be replaced. When aluminium DOES need to be replaced or repaired, it is such an easy metal to work with that the job stays affordable. To put it plainly, aluminium simply gets the job done.

3) Affordability – While some businesses are lucky in that they don’t have to worry about their cost, we understand that not all businesses fit into that category. For companies on a tighter budget, aluminium offers a ton of benefits at a minimal price point. Aluminium is incredibly affordable in comparison to some of your other metal options. In addition to affordability, your aluminium is easy to recycle which keeps it in the rotation for future customers. You’ll be able to save money when you work with aluminium.

Light fabrication work should be as simple as putting in an order and getting a result. Here at K & K Steel, our team of highly-trained and certified metalworkers is ready to help you out. Call us today for any of your fabrication needs.