If you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional handyman, you probably understand why it is important to have the right power tools by your side. While there are many different brands of power tools available for sale on the internet, they certainly are not all made equally. When it comes time to pick up your next set of power tools, for work or hobby purposes, you need to turn to Metabo. Here at K & K Steel, we carry the Metabo line of power tools for a reason. Let’s explore the benefits of these tools and what they can do for you during your next project.

Getting the Right Power Tools for the Job

The next time that you head out to a job site, take a moment to explore what you bring in the back of your truck. If you are like us, then you like to be equipped for whatever the job can throw at you. What does this mean? Well, it means that you are going to want to reach early and often for high-quality power tools. Let’s take a look at a few Metabo-brand power tools that can help you during your next project.

1) Cordless Drill – Let’s start out with the most important power tool that you can purchase, the cordless drill. Metabo has a wide selection of effective cordless drills, including their PowerMaxx BS 12 BLQ Cordless Drill. The cordless power drill is downright required if you want to be adequately prepared for what the job site has for you.

2) Circular Saw – If you want to bring some power into your workshop, consider adding a circular saw to your workstation. Circular saws from Metabo can be ideal for effective, flexible, and varied work. Circular saws from Metabo can be cordless in order to give you the most flexibility while you are getting your work done. We personally like the Metabo Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw which features an 18 V battery and a 2.28″ cutting depth.

3) Angle Grinder –
Finally, we want to highlight the Metabo 125mm Cordless Angle Grinder. An angle grinder, also known as a disc grinder, is perfect for polishing and grinding down metal. Spend some time learning the ins and outs of your angle grinder and you’ll never want to leave it at home again.

Metabo has a deep library of high-quality power tools, and K & K Steel Pty is here to supply them to you. Contact us with all of your power tool needs and we’ll be able to help you out on your next project!