If you have even a tertiary knowledge of the construction industry, you know how important it is to be able to bind and lift equipment and supplies. Being able to safely, effectively, and efficiently load and lift material can make your project get finished in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t just trust any supply shop when it comes time to purchase your rigging gear. Today, we are going to showcase what our team at K & K Steel Pty LTD can offer you in the area of lifting and load binding equipment and supplies.

Lifting and Load Binding Equipment

Your lifting and rigging tools are an essential part of the construction experience. Without these tools on hand, you won’t be able to do any of your work, much less finish construction on your project. Here at K & K Steel, we offer a wide range of lifting and load binding equipment to help you get the job done quickly and effectively. From Grange Lift to Ancra International, we carry all of the top brands in the industry. We also carry all of the products that those brands can offer, including the following.

1) Lifting Hooks – ROV hooks are perfect for helping you to latch onto loads in order to lift them with your cranes and hoists. We also carry a variety of other types of hooks, ranging in all types of sizes and strengths.

2) Binding Straps – You need to have durable binding straps on hand when it comes time to secure your load in place. If you plan on transporting materials at all, you’ll need binding straps or binding chains in order to make sure that the process is safe.

3) Lifting Straps – These straps are integral to the lifting process. These straps will be attached to your lifting hooks. The right kind of straps will help you safely prepare your materials for transport while also keeping them steady while on the move.

4) Chain Blocks – Chain blocks help you to lower and lift heavy objects by way of a chain. As the chain is pulled by your team, it will wind around the wheel on the blocks. If you are getting a chain block, make sure that you have the right ropes or chains on hand to pair with the product.

Here at K & K Steel, we have been loyally serving the region since 1981. We offer a full range of products for all of your construction needs. Give us a call today in order to discuss your lifting and loading requirements.