This time around, we’re taking a break from our industrial anecdotes. In lieu of those heavy duty scenarios, we’ll be examining the air tools and equipment that you’ll need for your DIY projects. Quality is still a prerequisite here, plus enough capacity to fit any type of do-it-yourself enterprise. Before such considerations, though, some examples are in order, examples that come with big brand labels.

We Take Air Tools Seriously 

Prior to the big ticket name drops, what should you be looking for when you’re in all-out shopping mode? A big enough power source ranks high on the list, something that has a large tank capacity and a superior pump displacement feature will do nicely. Placed at the centre of a comprehensively equipped air equipment arsenal, the tools coupled to that high-performance air compressor will carry out their duties very well when they have access to this powerful pneumatic reservoir.

Select Branded Air Equipment Accessories

In the garage, when the weekend car restoration project is in full swing, a Kawasaki Ratchet Wrench, Model number KPT-1175HD/KPT-1170HD, fastens tyre nuts and other vehicle fasteners, with the exact torque always applied during the locking and unfastening work. Likewise, a compressed air supply powers a 4″ Angle Grinder, model number ARX-832L, so that bodywork finishing tasks can be undertaken at the DIY level. That’s a knuckle-saving tool, one that cleans rough edges and coarse surfaces when the restoration work prepares the old vehicle for its new paintwork. Speaking of new paint, high-quality fittings and couplers accommodate the connected high-pressure spray guns.

Preparing for Weekend Warrior Housework 

At this point, we can see why every keen car restoration enthusiast would want his own air compressor and a group of wall-mounted air tools. This gear gets into enclosed spaces and gets cleaning, fastening, and light fabrication work done fast. What about the home? Well, angle grinders operate at the workbench as essential DIY tools, then there are nail guns and pressure cleaners. The former tool pneumatically drives long nails deep into construction materials while the latter air appliance cleans drains and roof gutters. Moss and tree debris just can’t withstand that 1000 PSI water jet.

When a 5.5 Horsepower Puma Air Centre air compressor, model number PUN5520G, powers a Chicago Pneumatic CP780 air screw driver, it’s important to have the right fittings and couplings in the pneumatic circuit. If those Kawasaki, Trax, and Puma Air Centre air tools, plus all the other branded air equipment appliances, are to operate efficiently, then we recommend a virtual walk through the Parker Legris catalogue for a pneumatic air connection solution that’s built to carry any air load.