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Klingspor abrasives and carbide burrs cut and grind refined curvilinear accents into steel workpieces. If you’ll recall, the steel parts we’re referring to here are forged from the most durable ferrous alloys, so the cutting and scouring tools in this catalogue require a material backbone that’s at least as strong as that toughened material. That’s why K&K Steel Pty. Ltd. calls on the power of tungsten carbide.

Workpiece Refinement Solutions 

There are times when the best fabrication tool isn’t going to make the grade. Certainly, those tools have imbued the workpiece with its basic profile. The holes are drilled, the bends are made, and the parts are cut. The question now, of course, is whether the project is finished. Most times, there’s still work to be done, work that involves a product refinement stage. Klingspor abrasives and carbide burrs take on the part of the surface finishing tools in this scenario. They clean raw drill holes, scrape away nasty barbs, and generally add polish to the nearly finished workpiece.

Abrasive Post Processing Work 

A user-requested surface finish imbues a steel part with a special quality, a look that makes the exposed ferrous metal aesthetically desirable. The polished grain of the alloy pleases the eye of the everyday observer. From a more practical standpoint, the abrasive products smooth rough edges, blend weld joints, and even add a chamfered profile to hard edges. In other words, the abrasive discs and belts enable a fabrication workshop to skip up to a whole other level of detailed workpiece manipulation, a level that imbues the finalized part with finer geometrical outlines and a polished finish that controls the outer grain of the steel.

Tungsten Carbide Musings 

If abrasive products control the surface finish of a toughened steel part, then Klingspor’s tungsten carbide burrs are their shaping and grinding compatriots. They chamfer and deburr, shape and subtract metal. Again, this is a tooling component that also serves the fabrication domain. The shaped burrs scour weld beads and small joints until they blend seamlessly. Of course, in order to accommodate these broadened functions, carbide burrs, just like drill bits, must be produced in numerous shapes and sizes, although a fluted outline typically pairs well with a rotary tool. More than a sharp edge removal tool, tungsten carbide burrs are like miniature milling heads, so the properly selected burr will shape a steel edge or hole into an endless variety of accurately cut outlines.

K&K Steel Pty. Ltd. knows the fabrication tooling industry inside out. It’s because of that reservoir of engineering knowledge that we source Klingspor abrasives and carbide burrs, for that inventory contains a comprehensive range of surface finishing tools that won’t chip, won’t break, and definitely won’t leave the customer disappointed.