Month: April 2017

Different Power Tools for Sale at K&K Steel

Blog | April 28th, 2017

Consider the investment you’re making when you purchase a set of top-tier power tools. You’re an excellent craftsman, right? Your employees have trained for years to sharpen their work skills, so the tools you all use should reflect the efforts you’ve made to reach this level of vocational proficiency. In short, the gear needs to […]

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Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel Materials for Sale at K&K Steel

Blog | April 19th, 2017

A commitment to supply excellence, to stock integrity, indicates a top-tier sales plan is in motion. The business in question targets Australian-made steel, plus the alloys and unmixed metals that reinforce countless industrial applications. The business owner is K&K Steel, a fabrication and material sales company that emulates that metal-fortified backbone. Let’s illustrate these metal […]

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